Equipping the saints to




Harvest, and



Equipping followers to reflect Christ, through the study of the Word and the practice of set-apart living...


Cultivating new life into each other and those around us, through patient seed-planting and the practice of radical faith in God's power to transform lives



Harvesting recognizable fruit that evidences God's work in the world, through leading others into life with Christ and through the practice of bearing in ourselves the fruits of the Spirit-filled life.




Overcoming anything that exalts itself against God in our lives, through boldly confronting our own patterns of ungodliness and through the practice of loving each other ridiculously and sacrificially 

Mission:  To equip the saints to cultivate, harvest,and overcome. 

Vision: Toreach and teach individuals with physical/mental/psychological disability. 

We are uniquely equipped with the necessarily accommodating people, group size, and facility to reach & teach a people group largely overlooked regarding discipleship (prayer/study/service/gifts). 


Long Term Goals:

Disciple and develop leaders who are both non-special needs & special needs to provide services, including

  • Home Bible studies
  • Respite care for families (@ home and in church)
  • Accommodated programs during church services
  • Building improvements to accommodate differing abilities
  • Increase certification level with Special Touch Ministry

Form synergistic relationships with local special needs community groups and ministries to develop and model best practices in caring for special needs, including

  • Guardianship
  • Home Bible studies
  • Advocacy
  • Helps